About Us

Our customers are not defined by demographics, but by their desire for value. And they depend on us to deliver that value to them, every day. They want to save money on life's essentials, as well as on the things that make life special. What's most important to them is convenience and affordable on quality products. Which makes that important to us as well.
Using RTF (Running, Training and Fitness) as our platform, AMNIG develop and produce various high quality and affordable performance sportswear. Our wide range of products cater from light exercise to high intensity training, compression, mixed martial arts, cycling and extreme sports such as paragliding. Each and every piece is made with passion, a fitting item and perfect for any active lifestyle.
Genuine engaging experiences are the moments when limits disappear and new possibilities snap into focus. An engaging experience creates change, a spark of energy that initiates new things.
We’re committed to creating the best products and services: “At AMNIG, good enough is not good enough.”
We are inclusive and open with our customers and the communities we serve.
We’re sincere, trustworthy and reliable.
We are highly creative and strive to accomplish things in a manner that no one has done before.